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Our Union Painters attend Three Years of schooling to be Specially Trained in their painting services craft!  Their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is second to none, which is why even the most scrutinizing clients choose Paramount Decorating!

Whether its walls, doors, trim a Faux Finish or Dryfall on the Ceilings, Paramount Decorating will give your project the treatment it deserves!

Wall Paper

Paper adds another dimension to your walls, giving them texture and a luxury feel. You should also know, the most qualified paper hanger is a specially trained and skilled painter. That’s because they understand coverage, corners, edges and angles.  This is why we called ourselves Paramount Decorating. Our craftsmen don’t just paint, they’re decorators! 

Contact us for a quote on Your next decorating job and see what services our Skilled, Educated Professionals can do for Your Project!

Exterior Durability

Some locations have a painted facade, some are new construction laid with brick that need caulk in the joints. No matter your Exterior Needs, the Professionals at Paramount Decorating, Co have you Covered!


We use only the most proven materials, made to weather the storm, so you can be confident that your project will continue to look fresh for years to come!

Why Paramount Decorating Co


Why choose Paramount Decorating Co? “Trust”! As a Union Finishing Company, you know we are held to a higher standard; a higher standard of craftsmanship and a higher standard of a way of doing business. See for yourself, the benefits of choosing Paramount Decorating Co. for Your next project!

With some of the biggest names as clients such as Tesla, Hugo Boss, Diamonds Direct, Auto Zone, Harbor Freight and so much more, You can see Paramount Decorating Co. has the Experience and Quality Craftsmanship You’re Looking For! Check out some of our projects, by clicking below!

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